It’s National Coming Out Day – And We Still Need It

It’s National Coming Out Day – And We Still Need It

Today, October 11, is National Coming Out Day.

I used to be much more aware of this. But now, I’ve been out for so long that I usually don’t think of it unless I see an article, such as the one below, that reminds me.

I’m now working on my second book, in which our lovable lead character from the first book, Bryan, wrestles with the question of how out he should be at his high school. This reminds me that, even though our society today is more accepting of sexual diversity than ever, it can still be a very rough road for young people.

And as this article illustrates, when you come from a conservative, right-wing religious environment as Bryan does, it’s still VERY difficult.

Here’s Why I Waited Until Age 48 to Tell People I’m Gay (Washington Post)

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