Maybe Next Year

Bryan and Chris are high school juniors who have been inseparable best friends for three years. Now, they are discovering that their feelings for each other run much deeper than mere friendship.

Chris, whose open-minded family is completely supportive, is ready and able to live his life out and proud. For Bryan, whose father is the pastor of a very conservative mega-church in a Kansas City suburb, being gay simply isn’t an option.

Bryan hopes that maybe next year when they leave Kansas to go to college together, he will be able to live more openly. In the meantime, they must learn how to navigate their conflicting family dynamics and boundaries if they are to fulfill their dream of spending the rest of their lives together.

Everything changes when Bryan is outed. His father will stop at nothing to force Bryan to “leave the homosexual lifestyle,” requiring Bryan and Chris to make some very difficult choices.

Maybe Next Year is available now in paperback, hardcover, and eBook from Amazon and other vendors. Signed copies are available from the author here.



Instant Adult

In this engaging sequel to Maybe Next Year, 17-year-old Bryan suddenly finds himself on his own in Los Angeles, having narrowly escaped being sent to a gay conversion therapy camp by his fundamentalist father.

Luckily, he finds a room to rent in a house owned by a gay attorney near UCLA. His housemates are a fabulous Black drag queen with an amazing voice, a hard-partying porn star, and a hunky Marine veteran with post-war baggage. This colorful crew becomes Bryan’s new family, supporting him as he navigates his new life as an openly gay high school senior who must support himself and somehow save for college.

Bryan struggles to fit in at his new high school, and he soon experiences homophobia and bullying. He befriends an out and proud Black lesbian named LaTanya, and together they inject fresh energy into the school’s stagnant Gay-Straight Alliance and work to turn the school into a more welcoming place for LGBTQ+ students.

Along the way, Bryan learns how to deal with dating and sex, homesickness, financial challenges, and many other aspects of adulthood – all while staying on the down-low to avoid being discovered and sent back to his religious, homophobic parents in Kansas.

Bryan’s journey to becoming an Instant Adult is sometimes humorous and sometimes heartbreaking, but always compelling. You’ll connect with the inherently lovable Bryan and cheer for him every step of the way.

Instant Adult is available now in paperback and eBook from Amazon and other vendors. Signed copies are available from the author here.



Open Books, Closed Sets

As Ryan Robertson* begins college at UCLA, all he wants is to do well in his classes, make some friends, and enjoy his college experience.

But he soon learns that working in the adult entertainment industry to support himself and pay for college makes normalcy impossible. The scheduling demands of his profession rule out most extracurricular activities and require constant balancing with his classes. Worse, the reactions he encounters when people discover his livelihood make it difficult for him to build friendships or relationships. The elephant is simply too big for the room.

Ryan lives in a house near campus owned by Hal, a gay attorney. His housemates are Ted, a hunky Marine veteran with post-war baggage; Darnell, a fabulous Black drag queen with an amazing voice; and Ricky, a hard-partying porn star. This colorful crew, Ryan’s family of choice, provides love and support as he navigates college life and adulthood. Their adventures add important dimensions to the story.

Ryan’s heartwarming coming-of-age journey is filled with hilarity, drama, challenges, and growth. He discovers that sometimes, life’s most important lessons are learned outside the classroom.

Open Books, Closed Sets, the much-anticipated follow-up to Maybe Next Year and Instant Adult, is now available in paperback and eBook from Amazon and other vendors. Signed copies are available from the author here.


*Ryan changed his name from Bryan when he turned 18.

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